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Maya Virtual Cards And Physical Cards – How And Where To Get

Maya Virtual Cards And Physical Cards - How And Where To Get

Maya card are prepaid cards, similar to debit cards, which means you can only use money that’s already in the Maya account balance.

You need to have money in your account balance for you to purchase online and in stores. They are not credit cards.

There are two types of Maya Cards: virtual card and physical card. Both are prepaid cards/debit cards.

Why Are My Maya Virtual  Card And Physical Card Numbers Different?

The different card numbers allows each card to be used on its purpose, virtual card for online purchases and physical card for establishments.

The different card numbers also provides a layer of security.

How To Get a Virtual Maya Card

Maya offers a virtual prepaid card from Mastercard or Visa. You can get this virtual card when you login on the app.

After you initially registered in the app, access virtual card in “My Cards”. Follow the set-up by filling in the form and verification process.

You need to add money to the virtual card to start using it for online transactions. Load P100 to your PayMaya account and it will activate the virtual card.

Can You Choose Mastercard or Visa For Your Virtual Card in Maya?

Getting a Virtual Mastercard or Virtual Visa Card will depend on your registration.

As of this writing, their system based it on the mobile number and what cellular network it belongs. Here’s how Maya issues the type of virtual card:

  • Mastercard Virtual Card – Issued to Smart, Talk n Text, Sun mobile numbers.
  • Visa Virtual Card– Issued to Globe, TM and other non-Smart numbers.

View Maya Virtual Card

The Maya Virtual Card is built in and will be provided after you register and upgraded your account. To see your virtual card details:

  • Tap “My Cards”
  • Tap “Online Payment Card Number”

You’ll readily see a virtual card with your full name, card number, expiry date and CVV2/security code. The design or color of the Maya virtual card can change from time to time. It will be automatically generated based on your registration.

The details you’ll see like full name, card number, expiration and CV2 will be the ones you need to provide when you make online purchases.

Can I Use My Virtual Card For In-Store Purchases?

No, you can’t use the virtual card in establishments for in-store payments (like coffee shop, supermarkets, department stores, etc)

You can only use virtual card for online purchases and/or subscriptions.

You can use the Maya virtual card when you shop online in Shopee, Lazada, or Amazon. You can use the virtual cards when your order in Food Panda or Grab. You can also use this virtual card to pay subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify, or make game or in-app purchases.

If you want to use Maya in establishments, you should use a physical card instead.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My Maya Virtual Card?

There are several ways you can withdraw money from Maya Virtual Card. Take note that the money in your Maya account is the balance you have in the virtual card.

I found two ways to conveniently withdraw money from Maya:

Option (1) Transfer to a bank.

Transfer money from Maya to a bank where you have an account and ATM. For instance, if you have a BPI ATM, follow the process of transferring money from Maya to Bank.

As soon as the money is transferred to your bank’s ATM, you can now withdraw it. Take note that there will be transfer fees and process fees depending on the bank.

Option (2) Use Maya physical card.

Withdraw money from your physical Maya card via ATM.

If you got the Maya physical card and its already linked and activated (with PIN set-up) in the app, you can readily withdraw on any ATM with Mastercard or Visa logo, local and abroad.

What To Do If My Maya Virtual Card is Blocked?

The virtual card get blocked if you enter wrong card details or you enter unsuccessful attempts of the correct One Time Pin or OTP

If you can’t use the virtual card because it’s blocked, just contact Maya Support. You can call them at 632 8845 77 88.

Activating the virtual card again usually takes 24 hours.

What Is Maya Physical Card?

Aside from the Maya virtual card, you can also get a Maya physical card. This is an external prepaid MasterCard or Visa card that you can use just like any debit card.

Maya’s physical card will be the one that you can use on your favorite stores, restaurants, and shops. It can be used on establishments locally and abroad where debit cards are accepted.

This Maya external card should be the one you should use in contactless payments in stores, which allows you just tap the card on the establishment’s contactless POS terminal for faster payments.

There are three types of physical card from Maya:

  • Beep card – Pay by swiping card. It also comes as a Beep Wallet.
  • EMV chip card – You enter 6-digit PIN when paying in stores.
  • PayWave Card – You tap the card at PayWave enable shops

How To Get Maya Physical Card Online

You can get the physical card by by purchasing in business centers of malls. You can also order it online.

Option (1) Purchase card in a business center.

You can get the physical card in business centers and other partner establishments. Mostly it’s available in business centers in SM Malls, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Malls, among others.

Option (2) Purchase card in Maya Store (App).

You can access the Maya store in the app.

Tap “My Cards”, then at the bottom of the section, right below the line ‘Do more with Maya Card!’, tap “Get it Here”

Option (3) Purchase card in Official Maya store

You can also order from the Official Site of the Maya Online Store.

One Maya card costs ₱200. It also comes in packages of two, three, and five pieces.

If you order online, the delivery usually takes 5-7 business days within NCR. It could take 7-10 business days for those ordering from provinces.

Get the physical Maya Card by ordering from their official online store here:

Important: As soon as you have the physical card, you have to link this external card to the Maya app. See the next section for a guide.

How to Link Maya Physical Card To Maya App

You have to link the physical card to the Maya app. This will sync the balance in the app to the external card.

After you link, this allows you to easily withdraw funds from Maya account through any ATM or used it to make payments in stores. Maya app also tracks all the transactions of the physical Maya card.

  • Log in to Maya account.
  • Click Menu icon in Android Smartphone or More on iPhone.
  • Tap My Cards
  • Tap Link Maya Card.
  • Enter details from the physical Maya card.
  • Type in a six-digit PIN.

Be sure to provide PIN that you can easily remember, but not necessarily in your personal profile.

You’ll use this PIN when you withdraw on ATM or when you make card payment on stores.

How To Withdraw From Maya Card Via ATM

If you want to withdraw money from Maya, you can do so through ATM in Philippines as well as International ATM’s with Mastercard and Visa Plus logo when you’re abroad.

There are ATM withdrawal charges and services fees based on banks. Here’s what you need to do to withdraw cash from your Maya account.

Keep in mind that the physical Maya card need to be linked to your Maya account.

This is where you will set up the 6 digit PIN you will use in ATMs.

To withdraw using physical card in an ATM:

  • Insert Maya physical card.
  • Choose “Savings”
  • Enter physical card PIN
  • Type desired amount to withdrawal
  • Get your cash and receipt.
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