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Robinsons Bank Simple Savings – How To Open Account

Robinsons Bank Simple Savings - How To Open Account

Robinsons Bank Corporation, also known as Robinsons Bank or just RBank, is a commercial bank in the Philippines.

It is the financial services division of the JG Summit Group of Companies, and it is one of the Philippines’ fastest growing commercial banks in terms of capitalization and asset size.

The bank is 60 percent owned by JG Summit Capital Services Corp.

How to Open a Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account?

Robinsons Bank (RBank) has announced the debut of its new Simple Savings bank account, which is designed to make account opening simple, quick, and painless.

Circular 992, issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), lays out a framework for banks to promote a basic deposit account to the unbanked.

The BSP has made financial inclusion a top priority in its efforts to get more Filipinos to use the country’s banking system, which is safe, secure, and assured.

Simple Savings was created to lower the barriers to entry into the financial system in order to reach out to the unbanked and offer them a first step toward financial security.

For a cheap initial charge of Php100, new bank clients can open their own Simple Savings account with just one (1) ID and the most minimal information, and have fast access to an online Visa Debit Card.

It also earns interest and can be used for online shopping and point-of-sale transactions for things like shopping, eating, and other things.

Customers who are interested in opening an account can do so at any Robinsons Bank branch or online at

Robinsons Bank is poised to embark on various opportunities to improve lives and propel financial inclusion as it is backed by the JG Summit conglomerate, one of the Philippines’ largest conglomerates, which owns and operates brands such as Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Land, Universal Robina Corporation, Robinsons Malls, and more.

How Do You Add Money Into Your Account?

Option 1: Over the Counter—Make a deposit at your nearest Robinsons Bank branch.

Option 2: Funds can be transferred from other Robinson’s Bank accounts.

RBank Digital is an online banking service provided by RBank.

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a type of automated teller machine (ATM).

Option 3. Funds can be transferred from other local banks.

  • Instapay
  • PesoNet

Option 4: Visit one of their RBankMo Agency banking partners.

You must deposit at least P100 within 30 calendar days in order for your account to remain active.

If, after 30 days, you are still not satisfied, and there are no funds in the account, it will be automatically closed.

However, once you fund it, the account remains operational even if there is no money in it.

How Much Is The Robinsons Bank Initial Deposit?

The initial deposit is PHP 100.00.

Payment by Debit Card PHP 150.00

Interest-bearing balance of PHP 500.00

Annual Interest Rate: 0.10 %

What Does It Mean To Keep Robinsons Bank Maintenance Balance?

There is no requirement to keep maintenance balance in the Simple Savings account.

However, be sure to make a first deposit of P100 when you open it. After that, you can start depositing and receiving money in the account. When you withdraw, there’s no maintenance restrictions on the amount in the balance.

If you keep an average daily balance of PHP 500 in the Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account, you can start earning monthly interest.

How Can I Register for Robinsons Bank Online?

You can also start using their RBank Digital Online Banking.

Just sign up with RBank Digital Online, then you’ll be able to keep track of your funds, pay bills, and handle your other banking needs.

You will receive an activation code through email on the following banking day to assist you in getting started with online banking.

Follow these simple instructions to put it to use:

Accept the terms and conditions by selecting “Register for an Account.”

Select “I have an Activation Code” on the Online Banking Enrollment screen.

Input your account number and activation code.

Choose a user ID and a password that you’d like to use.

Review all of the information, then submit.

How Can I Sign Up for RBank Digital App?

Its just as easy to sign up and use thr RBank Digital App. You can follow these steps

Select “Existing Bank Account” from the drop-down menu.

Now just select “I have a Robinsons Bank Account”.

Enter your account number.

Fill in the blanks with the necessary information.

Review the information and then click Confirm.

You’ll get an SMS/email confirmation as well as an OTP.

How Do I Get My Robinsons Bank ATM Activated?

Follow these simple instructions to put it to use:

Visit the RBank Digital Online Banking page.

Accept the terms and conditions by selecting “Register for an Account.”

Select “I have an Activation Code” on the Online Banking Enrollment screen.

Input your account number and activation code.

How Do I Make A Money Transfer From Robinsons Bank?

The processes for transferring cash to another domestic bank are outlined below.

Access your RBank Digital Account by logging in.

Now just select “Transfer”.

Create a new transfer by clicking “make a new transfer.”

Complete the form and click “Continue.”

Review the information and then click “transfer.”

What Is The Robinsons Bank Withdrawal Fee?

There are bank withdrawal fees if your Robinson’s bank ATMs and your account is from another bank.

a. ATM card withdrawal from another bank via RBank ATM (Php 18.00)

c. Inquiry (another bank’s ATM) Php 2.00

Is Online Banking Available At Robinsons Bank?

The new online banking portal can be accessed by going to and selecting the login personal link.

What Is The Procedure For Requesting a Debit Card from Robinsons Bank?

You’ll have to fill out an application for a debit card from a Robinson’s bank branch

Two valid IDs (passport, driver’s license, postal ID, voter’s ID, TIN ID, SSS ID, or others specified by the card-issuing bank) will almost certainly be required.

A 1 x 1″ ID photo may also be requested by the branch.

What Is The Best Way For Me To Transfer Money from Robinsons Bank to Cebuana Lhuillier?

Here’s the procedure for the transfer.

(a) If you are a sender with Robinson’s Bank account:

  • Be sure to access Remit in “Other services,” when you log in to RBank Digital.
  • Request a remittance.You’ll then receive an SMS confirmation.

(b) If you’re a receiver from a remittance from someone with Robinson’s Bank account.

  • Go to any Cebuana Lhuillier location.
  • Present valid ID and remittance information.
  • You’ll receive the money sent.

How Do I Make A Money Transfer from Robinsons Bank to PayMaya?

Here’s how to transfer money from your bank account to your PayMaya account:

(1) Go to your online or mobile banking account and sign in.

(2) Select “InstaPay” from the list of options for sending funds to other banks.

(3) Put the PayMaya number in the account number area.

After you’ve entered the amount, click “Confirm.”

The Advantages of a Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account

Opening a Robinson’s simple savings account has a number of advantages.

Here are a few examples:

Helps you to save for a rainy day.

You can save money for rainy days by opening a savings account, such as Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account.

You should have between 3 and 6 months’ worth of living expenses in your emergency fund, which you can use for unforeseen expenses, such as paying for unexpected medical bills or paying for your food and rent if you lose your job.

Keeps your cash safe

Wads of cash kept under the bed, under a drawer, or in piggy bank re unsafe methods to keep money.

Your money could be stolen, destroyed in a fire, or submerged by a flash flood, among other things.

The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) protects your money up to a maximum of PHP 500,000 under Philippine law. You can keep your money in a bank to avoid any physical dangers.

Keeps your funds liquid and accessible

By putting your money in a savings account, it remains liquid, which means it is available for withdrawal at any moment.

You can only take out a maximum of PHP 45,000 from an ATM each day if you have the Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account (PHP 15,000 per transaction).

Of course, for people who are readily enticed to make large-ticket purchases without much deliberation, this can be a drawback.

This liquidity, on the other hand, is the ultimate convenience of having a savings account for individuals who are responsible with their money and only get cash for absolutely necessary items.

Helps you save for short-term goals

Do you want to save money so you can go on a dream vacation, buy a new automobile, or buy wedding jewelry for yourself and your partner?

Saving money is the simplest and most secure method of saving money.

You can also start a savings account specifically for the purpose of saving for such short-term goals, making it easier to distinguish between money saved for an emergency fund and money saved for regular costs.

Your savings also earn interest.

Savings accounts are one of the best ways to protect your money while earning a modest amount of interest.

There are, of course, specific investment vehicles available for this purpose.

When it comes to investing, however, there are no guarantees, so you should always keep a portion of your wealth in safer assets like bank accounts.

A savings account is extremely safe, and it can even help you earn a small amount of interest over time.

A Robinsons Bank Simple Savings Account earns 0.10 percent per year in interest.

Tips for Keeping Your Robinsons Bank Account Safe

Bank applications and debit cards have enhanced security safeguards, but there are a few other ways to protect yourself against theft.

These are the ones you should remember at all times:

(1) Keep track of your account balance on a regular basis.

Checking your account balance on a regular basis can assist you in detecting fraudulent activity.

Check your funds every day if possible.

It may appear overly cautious or paranoid, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Robinsons Bank app also makes it simple to check your account balance.

(2) Keep your debit card’s PIN safe.

Don’t give out your PIN to anyone.

Furthermore, do not jot down your thoughts on a piece of paper.

Make sure you memorize the number sequence and pick something difficult to guess (like “1234”) or easily connected to you, such as your birthday.

If you suspect your account has been hacked, change your PIN right away and alert Robinsons Bank.

(3) Before making a purchase, check out an online merchant’s reputation.

Over time, online shopping has grown in popularity in the Philippines.

Even social networking networks such as Facebook now allow users to sell and buy items.

It’s all too easy to click “Add to Cart,” especially when there’s a discount on.

However, before you hit the “Check Out” button, be sure you’ve done your homework.

(4) Check the URL of the page.

It should, at the absolute minimum, use the “https” protocol to signify that it is secure.

Check for customer reviews and see if their customer service line is operational.

A privacy policy and a “trust seal” should be included on the website.

If you click the check mark or padlock icon, you should be taken to a verification screen.

How to Get in Touch with Robinsons Bank

For questions and concerns, contact Robinsons Bank’s Customer Care Center at 637-CARE (2273) or 1-800-10-637-CARE (2273), or visit its website at

Follow them on Twitter @RBankCorp and like them on Facebook at

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