PayMaya To GCash 2023 – How To Transfer Money

If you’ve just used PayMaya, you might be wondering if you can transfer money to GCash.

Considering the two are completely different platforms and from competing companies, the common query from PayMaya and GCash users is if you can send money between the two e-wallets.

Well, yes! You can transfer funds from from PayMaya To GCash

How To Send Funds From PayMaya To GCash

Here’s how to transfer from Paymaya to GCash:

Step (1) Open app PayMaya and login.

Step (2) Find “Bank Transfer” in homescreen and tap.

Step (3) Select Bank: Scroll down to “GCash” from the list.

Enter amount to send and purpose. Fill in the details of the GCash recipient such as the account number (11-digit mobile number associated with GCash), First Name, Last Name, and phone. Tap “Continue”

The confirmation page will show the details of the transaction.

PayMaya to GCash Confirmation

After you tap Send, PayMaya will now process your request and will send you an SMS for a successful transaction.

GCash will also send an SMS confirmation that it has received money from Paymaya Philippines.

The transfer happens instantly and within seconds. For every successful transaction, you will usually receive a text. An example of text you will receive:

“Approval of PHP500 (amount you sent) transfer from 1234 5678 910 (your PayMaya virtual card number). Available balance: PHP2000  (your account balance) with Reference Number”

If the transaction is not successful, Paymaya will also inform you through SMS that it has not follow through.

“Oh no, something went wrong with your transaction to (recipient). Please try again later”

How To Transfer Money From Paymaya To Gcash Not Verified?

If the recipient GCash account is not verified, you would not be able to transfer money from PayMaya. The GCash basic user only allows cash in (over the counter).

I recommend that you get fully verified on such platforms to enjoy full features. If you’ll be sending to another person, tell them also to get fully verified. Getting verified only takes a couple more steps and can be done in couple of minutes.

Paymaya to GCash Transfer Fee

The transfer fees from PayMaya to GCash changes from time to time. At the moment, it uses transfer service InstaPay which is free.

Paymaya to GCash Not Received

If you made a transaction in Paymaya to send money to GCash and it didn’t follow through, you can contact Paymaya’s official support platforms.

Send the details of your transaction like the date, time, phone number, amount, reference number to Paymaya’s support.

As much as possible, contact PayMaya support after 24 hours after the transaction.

You can send PayMaya an email:

PayMayaCares on Facebook: