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Maya – How To Use App, Upgrade Account, Add Funds, Receive Money

Maya - How To Use App, Upgrade Account, Add Funds, Receive Money
Maya - How To Use App, Upgrade Account, Add Funds, Receive Money

PayMaya is a mobile app which you can use to do several financial transactions such as money remittance, buying load, online shopping, paying bills, and more – with no need for credit card.

It’s a digital wallet on your smartphone, similar to other mobile financial platforms like and GCash.

Paymaya provides the same convenience on using different types of financial services – whether online or brick and mortar stores.

Perhaps you’ve probably seen signs from Starbucks saying ‘We accept Paymaya’ and seen customers pay just by scanning some code in front of the cashier. Well, you can also use Paymaya but first you need to register and have an account on them.

If you’re curious about Paymaya app, here’s our helpful guide to get you started.

PayMaya App – How To Use

Before you can use the many features of the PayMaya application, you need to register first. Here’s a step by step guide to help you get started in PayMaya app registration.

Step (1) Connect online and download the PayMaya app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhones). Open the PayMaya app.

Step (2) Register for new account. Answer all the needed information from online form. Register your complete name, mobile number and email. Set a strong password.

Step (3) Read Paymaya’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, then click “agree”.

Step (4) You’ll then receive a confirmation text with verification number from Paymaya. Enter that number from the SMS message into the app and then click “verify.”

Paymaya will send you a message that you’re now registered. However, these are only the initial steps that will allow you to have access to basic and limited features of the app. Proceed on the final step.

Step (5) Click the My Cards tab. Click Online Payment Card Number. Fill in your full home address and birthday. Enter other needed information on the Online Payment Card Number. Click done.

You’ll then receive a confirmation text that you’ve activated your PayMaya account.

You’re now ready to login to the Paymaya app. However, to fully use all of the features, you have to initially load money.

How To Upgrade Your PayMaya Account


There are many benefits when you upgrade your PayMaya account. An upgraded account allows you access all the features in the PayMaya home screen.

Some of the best features if you’re upgraded is that it allows you to easily send and receive money through the app, while also letting you withdraw cash from your account.

Here are the steps if you want to upgrade account through the PayMaya App

  • Log in the PayMaya app.
  • Tap the Menu icon in Android or More in iOS)
  • Then tap “Upgrade for Free.”
  • Be sure to completely fill out the upgrade form on the page
  • Using the Camera, take a picture of a valid ID like UMID, Driver’s License, PRC
  • Click “Submit.”

PayMaya app would then send you through SMS a validation code to confirm your identity.

How To Add Money In PayMaya – Bank App And Partner Establishments

There are several ways to add money to PayMaya. Two convenient methods to add money in PayMaya is using bank app and through PayMaya Cash In partner establishments.

Add Money To PayMaya Using Bank Apps

Just open the bank app, find and tap “Send/Request”. Choose “Other banks/e-wallets”


PayMaya can be found in dropdown of Select Bank.


Scroll and find PayMaya Inc. Then fill in details of transfer such as name of recipient, PayMaya account (mobile number used to register in PayMaya), purpose.


Bank apps may vary in terms of features, but if you can find PayMaya Inc in List of Banks, the process is the same.

The bank app will send email and SMS to confirm the transaction. On the other hand, PayMaya, will also send a text informing you that you received money.

Add Money To PayMaya Via Partner Establishments


You can also add money to your PayMaya account at establishment partners like convenience stores, business centers, remittance centers, department stores.

Following are the current Paymaya cash-in partners:

  • 7-Eleven
  • MiniStop
  • Alfamart
  • Robinson Department Stores
  • The SM Store
  • Gaisano Capital
  • Palawan Express
  • Tambunting Pawnshop
  • RD Pawnshop
  • Pera Hub
  • DAS
  • LBC
  • Bayad Centers

There are also self-service kiosks in Mercury Drug, Super8, Lawson, Landers.

How To Receive Money In PayMaya

If you’ve already registered to PayMaya and now want to receive money, tell the sender your PayMaya account name and account number.

The account name is the full name you have in your profile, while the account number is the mobile number you used in registration.

It’s just your full name and mobile number you used when you registered.

After you upgraded your PayMaya account, you’re now allowed to transfer funds from your account.

You can now transfer money to other financial platforms. Here are steps to transfer funds from PayMaya

Step (1) Log in to PayMaya app

Step (2) Tap “Send Money”


Step (3) Choose bank from dropdown list. You can also find e-wallets in dropdown list.


Step (4) Fill in the account details such as name and account number (for banks) or account name and mobile number (for digital wallets like PayMaya GCash, CoinsPH) of the person receiving the funds. Place the amount to transfer.


Step (5) Review the transaction details. Press “Send.”

PayMaya will send confirmation of the transaction through SMS.

How to Use the PayMaya QR Code


The PayMaya QR is a convenient feature you can use where you scan to pay. This allows you to pay for your items you bought on merchants that accept Paymaya.

For instance, you can pay in stores like 7/11, Mercury Drug, Starbucks, SM Supermarket among many others. When you make a purchase, just scan the cashier’s QR code using the Paymaya app from your smartphone.

QR Codes can also be used to request money or accept payments.

To use Paymaya QR, be sure to connect online. The store need to have a PayMaya QR at their counter. Here are simple steps to pay thru the app’s QR code:

  • Open the app, then tap the ‘Scan’ button located at the home screen.
  • Properly align the small square (QR code) to fit on your phone’s screen.
  • It will then ask you to enter the payment amount.
  • Click “Continue.” Verify the details, then click “Pay.”
  • Show the confirmation message to the shop cashier.

How To Buy Load Using PayMaya App

You can also buy load for Smart, TNT, Globe, TM using the Paymaya app. You can choose from packages on prepaid text, call, and data to load any mobile number from the said networks.

You can likewise buy Steam, Garena, and other gaming credits on Paymaya. Also available is prepaid Cignal’s cable subscription.

If you’ll be sending load to other people, just toggle the button: “Send as Gift”. Then it will ask you to enter the mobile number of the recipient.

After you choose the desired load packages, enter necessary details like phone number and amount.

Press “Continue”, check, verify, and then tap “Buy.”

PayMaya will send confirmation of your purchase through text and email.

How To Pay Bills With PayMaya App

If paying bills make you worry every month, you can completely remove this from your to-do list and replace with other meaningful activities. Just use PayMaya App’s Bills Payment service.

With just a few tap, you’ll be able to pay your different bills such as water, electricity, cable, telco, insurance among many others. Paymaya also has payment facilities for government payments such as NSO certificates, NBI clearance, Pag-Ibig contributions.

There’s nothing more stressful than you’re on a payment deadline and you have to travel and fall in line just to pay bills. Just pay your bills wherever you are with the PayMaya app.


Here’s a step by step guide when paying bills using PayMaya App:

  • Log in to the PayMaya App.
  • Tap “Pay Bills”.
  • Choose from the list of biller for the services you need to make a payment.
  • Enter account name, number and other details asked by the biller.
  • Enter the amount you need to pay.
  • Review the details and confirm the payment.
  • Finally, tap “Pay”

Unlike other apps, there’s no need to enroll a billing account when you pay bills through the PayMaya app.

As soon as the system processed your payment, you will get a notification and reference number to confirm the transaction. (Take note that this is not an official receipt.)

How To View PayMaya Deals and Discount Offers


PayMaya most of the time publish promos, giveaways, deals, and sales through their official website.

They also post the latest deals on their social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Likewise, they do provide notifications of all their news and announcements through the app.

To get the latest deals on PayMaya, just tap the Promos in Menu. This would take you to their Stories blog. Browse their various promos and offers.


As you can see, PayMaya is useful in many ways. It has many features such as virtual cards, remittance, transferring funds, receiving money, paying bills, buying load, contactless payments, online shopping, promo deals and many more.

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