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BPI Debit Cards – Online And Mobile Banking

BPI Debit Cards - Online And Mobile Banking

Bank of the Philippine Islands has succeeded in all the major bank products it has offered to the public. The bank was actually the first institution in the industry to offer a debit card product- the BPI Express Teller cards.

The bank also established the first ATM system in the Philippines, called Express Tellers. This system eventually evolved as the Expressnet ATM consortium, currently having seven-member banks.

Considered as the oldest private commercial bank in the country, BPI is the country’s most profitable and the largest bank in terms of capitalization in the market. Also, Southeast Asia’s oldest bank, the bank has a distinguished and long history after being established in 1851.

Owned by the Ayala Corporation, it has promoted itself as a dynamic bank institution that caters to different clients from various sectors of the Philippines. Its 831 branches are currently the largest branch network of any bank in the country.

BPI Express Payment System

BPI’s Express ATM can also be referred to as the Express Payment System or EPS. It was the first to introduce cashless shopping with the use of its BPI Express Teller Cards. Consumers had the convenience to shop without the worry of having sizeable amounts of cash when they use their BPI Debit cards in merchants with the EPS sign.

The Express Payment System works by paying with BPI International card, BPI Express teller card, or BPI Direct ATM Card to the cashier. The cashier swipes the card in the terminal while the customer enters their Personal Information Number or PIN on the pad. The process automatically debits the purchase amount from the customer’s bank account.

So far, customers can only shop online by applying first on BPI’s E-credit.

BPI Express Banking

BPI offers greater flexibility to its bank customers having the number of branches in the country and having the vast nationwide presence of its BPI Express Teller ATMs. There are 2,213 Expressnet ATMs nationwide (1,448 BPI Express ATMs).

The minimum maintaining balance for the BPI Express teller is Php1, 000 with a required daily balance of Php3, 000 before it earns interests. Bank consumers can open an account by presenting government-issued IDs and 2 pictures.

BPI also offers bank-on-the-web features that give its depositors access to their accounts and where they can perform different online transactions. This is available to all account holders of BPI Express Online and the subsidiaries- BPI, BPI Direct, and BPI Family Bank.

Using BPI Debit Cards When Traveling

When traveling abroad, cardholders can withdraw cash from Automated Teller Machines that have the Maestro/Cirrus service marks. There are over 1 Million ATMs with the Maestro/Cirrus signs in 120 countries around the world.

Foreigners and tourists traveling in the Philippines can likewise withdraw cash in BPI Express Teller ATMs in major establishments, shopping centers, and BPI Branches nationwide. BPI Express Teller ATMs has the Maestro/Cirrus service signs in its ATM terminals and it’s open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

BPI Mobile Banking

BPI Debit Card Holders can reload their mobile phones either by using BPI Express Online via the mobile app. BPI offers reloading convenience with its Express Prepaid feature.

Express Prepaid leaves out the inconvenience of buying prepaid cards, finding cell phone reload stations, and having to key-in long cell card numbers.

Another alternative banking channel BPI cardholders can use is the BPI Express Mobile Mall. It uses the most common available technology for Filipinos nowadays, which is a mobile phone. You can download the app on your smartphone and easily set-up your account.

BPI Debit Card Features

Here are the BPI Debit Card features at a glance:

  • BPI online banking
  • BPI mobile banking
  • EMV Chip technology
  • Access ATMs around the world
  • Bancnet, Expressnet and Megalink ATM access
  • Visa Payment/Debit Card
  • Online shopping
  • Transfer funds
  • Bank transfer
  • Remittance
  • Bills payment
  • Buy load

BPI offers more banking freedom and flexibility to bank customers as they get to manage their finances on-the-go.

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