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Home » GCash to Maya 2024 – How To Send Money, What’s The Transfer Fee

GCash to Maya 2024 – How To Send Money, What’s The Transfer Fee

GCash to Maya 2023 - How To Send Money, What's The Transfer Fee
GCash to Maya 2023 - How To Send Money, What's The Transfer Fee

In the Philippines, GCash and PayMaya are two of the biggest e-wallets or online payment portals.

These two smartphone e-wallets offer Filipinos a convenient and straightforward way to conduct cashless transactions such as money transfers, bill payments, data/load purchases, and more.

If you’re just like everyone else, you’ve probably got both GCash and PayMaya on your phone for convenience.

However, there comes a time you may need to move funds from GCash to Paymaya. Here’s our quick guide on how to do this transfer.

Can You Send Funds From GCash To Paymaya?

Yes. They are operated by rival mobile wallet companies, but with a few simple taps on your smartphone, you can transfer cash from GCash to PayMaya wallet.

Why Transfer From GCash to Paymaya?

There are many reasons why you transfer money from GCash to Paymaya.

Most people who have both e-wallets, move funds in case they run out of money in the PayMaya app.

Another reason is when you have to send funds or make payments from your GCash, but the recipient only has the Paymaya app installed on their phone .

To move funds between these two financial platforms, there’s no need for another gateway or a third-party service.

In the next section, you’ll learn how simple it is to directly transfer cash from GCash to PayMaya.

What Is GCash to Paymaya Fee?

Before you proceed, take note that GCash currently charges a PHP 15 fee per transaction.

How to Transfer Money From GCash to PayMaya

GCash Send Money

Log in to your GCash wallet using your MPIN. On the home screen, tap “Send Money.”

Find “Send Money to Partners” and then click “Bank Transfer”

On the screen that says “Select Partner Banks”, go to the bottom right corner and click “View All” (expanding menu with three dots)

Scroll down, find, and tap “Maya Philippines, Inc”.

On the next screen, place the amount you want to transfer, type the recipient’s full name (account name), and mobile number (account number). Sending receipt to the recipient’s email is optional.

After you fill in the necessary details, click “Send Money”.

Review and finish the transaction. Now press “Confirm”

GCash to Paymaya Phone Number

Whenever mobile wallets ask about the account number, it’s the phone number used to register on the e-wallet.

In this case, the PayMaya account number is the mobile phone number used by the recipient to register in Paymaya. You should confirm to them of this number to prevent any issues.

GCash to Paymaya Delay

Make sure the information you’ve entered is correct to avoid any delay of transfers.

The transfer from GCash to PayMaya mostly happen in a few seconds or within a minute.

There will be a confirmation of a successful transaction through SMS (text message) from GCash and Paymaya

Examples of Confirmation SMS Messages

SMS From GCash

“You have sent PHP 500 of GCash to Marian Cruz (Name of Recipient) 09921234567 (Recipient’s Paymaya account number) on (Date) (Time). Your new balance is PHP — . Ref. No. (Transaction Number).

SMS from Paymaya

“Awesome! You have received PHP 500 via GCASH. Ref. No. (Transaction number).”  

Hotlines and Customer Service

If you have any concerns or issues with your money transfers, you can call the following hotline numbers:

GCash – 2882

Maya – (632) 845 7788

Wrap Up

Transferring funds from GCash account to Maya app is simple, quick, and convenient. You can transfer funds between these two e-wallets as often as you need.

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