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14 Best Real Estate Developers In The Philippines [2024]

Best Real Estate Developers In The Philippines [2023]

The Philippine real estate market has been rising steadily and there are no signs that it will slow down any time soon.

Filipinos have been able to buy and invest in real estate holdings for a long time now because of the growing middle class, thriving small & medium enterprises, as well as the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) sending back a lot of money to the country for investments.

Expect even more projects and land to be constructed in the coming years as demand grows both within and outside of Metro Manila.

Get to know the best real estate developers and property management companies in the Philippines.

What Is Real Estate And Property Development?

This includes buying land that hasn’t been built on, as well as selling land that has been built on as well as redeveloping or expanding existing structures. This is all part of the process of developing real estate and property.

Real estate developers are in charge of these activities. They purchase land, offer money for real estate transactions, and connect with construction companies to develop the site.

Why Invest In Real Estate In The Philippines?

Real estate investments are beginning to pick up as the country eases the constraints imposed by the pandemic.

As of the second quarter of 2021, the real estate industry was a vital engine of the Philippine economy, earning about 126 billion Philippine pesos in gross value added.

The first quarter of 2021, developers were able to introduce 4,404 units into the pre-sales market.

The upper-mid to luxury categories continue to be in high demand.

The strong demand for office space is still expected from BPOs and online gaming companies is projected to lease spaces in BGC and Makati.

Residential condo prices in Metro Manila have risen by up to 6.4 percent year on year, according to the BSP.

In the Manila Bay Area, there has been an increase in demand for real estate investments (3,000 rooms added).

The Grand Hyatt, Citadines Bay City Manila, and Hilton Manila City are among the significant businesses completed.

Despite the closure of Boracay for a few months, visitor visits increased by 7.4% year-on-year.

The most expensive hotel-casino businesses in Paranaque (envisioned as the Philippines’ Las Vegas) charge the most per room.

Retail shopping center vacancy rates are still low, at 3.7 percent.

Strong demand for retail space from both domestic and international businesses (with the fashion industry leading the way) drove up leasing rates.

The country’s stable macroeconomic climate encourages growth, particularly with the recent relaxation of the Trade Liberalization Act, which has resulted in more international investment.

The government has begun deliberations on enacting a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) law, which is expected to attract more international investment.

Flexibility, or the ability to adjust to changes brought about by the pandemic, rising trends and economic considerations, will be critical in the property market’s performance.

The government’s ambitious infrastructure development will likely dictate developers’ strategies. Land acquisition in Northern and Southern Luzon will be more appealing to businesses.

List Of Real Estate Companies & Property Developers in the Philippines

Following are the list of real estate companies in the Philippines

1. Ayala Land

Ayala Land

Residential lots and buildings, commercial and industrial lots, office spaces, and commercial and IT parks are among the company’s specialties in the planning and development of large-scale projects.

They also do construction and property management.

Services for property management include malls, residential structures, hotels and resorts, and estates are among their specialties (Makati CBD, Ayala Center, McKinley Exchange, etc.).

The property varies in price. The prices of condominiums range from PHP 1.4 million to PHP 5.7 million.

A townhouse costs between Php 2.7 million and Php 7.1 million.

Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida, Amaia, and BellaVita are the company’s five residential brands, with a total of 147 residential projects at a total of PHP 240 billion in sales value

The company’s luxury market is represented by Alveo Land, which is also the name behind some of Metro Manila’s most well-known projects, such as The Columns and Two Serendra. High Street South Block in The Fort (Verve Residences and Maridien).

2. SM Prime

SM PrimeWhen the company was founded in 1994, it bought and built commercial shopping complexes and spaces. At first, it focused on commercial shopping centers and spaces.

SMPH is currently building and managing condominiums, hotels, restaurants, conference centers, and other mixed-use commercial and residential structures. SMPH also owns and manages a lot of land.

Some of SM’s best residential projects are the Jazz Residences in Makati, Light Residences on EDSA in Mandaluyong, the Sun and Green Residences in Manila, and the Blue Residences in Quezon City.

Starting with the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City, SM Prime has recently begun constructing its own mixed-use developments.

Their specialties include malls, residences, commercial establishments, hotels, and convention halls.

The properties varies in price. Condominiums range in price from Php 1-6 million (low to mid-tier) to Php 6 million and up (SMDC Premier condos).

3. Megaworld


Initially, the company focused on real estate development, leasing, and marketing. Starting with Eastwood City, it was one of the first firms to provide office buildings to BPO companies.

Residential real estate development (subdivisions, condominiums, townhouses), office space leasing (mostly to BPOs and shops), and hotel operations management are all part of the company’s portfolio.

Residences, offices, hotels, malls, and townships are among their specialties.

The property varies in price. Condominiums start at PHP 2.5 million and go up from there.

Some of Megaworld’s active initiatives are listed below:

  • Alabang West House and Lot Las Pinas
  • The General Trias
  • Maple Grove Lot
  • Pine Crest Condominium
  • McKinley Hill, Taguig
  • The Florence Condominiums
  • Boracay New Coast Condominium

4. Sta. Lucia Land

Sta. Lucia Realty
Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. serves as the real estate firm of the conglomerate, Sta. Lucia Group.

Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. is one of the leading Philippine developers of residential communities with almost 50 years experience in real estate and property development.

In 2021, The Sta. Lucia Group has completed over 250 projects and developed over 10,000 hectares of land across 70 cities and municipalities in 10 regions & 15 provinces across the Philippines.

Sta. Lucia has developed residential developments in various places in the Philippines.

Among Sta. Lucia’s portfolio include residential subdivisions and condominiums, hotels, golf courses, and shopping centers

Some of their featured projects include Sta. Lucia Mall, Caliraya Springs Resort, Mira Verde in Bulacan, South Coast, in Batangas Aldea Residences in Iloilo, Nivel Hills Residential Towers in Cebu

5. DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes
DMCI Homes are DMCI Holdings’ real estate and development branch. They specialize in the construction of residential areas and condominiums.

Residences are one of their specialties are condos, houses, and lots.

The property varies in price. Condominiums start at PHP 2.5 million and go up from there.

DMCI is currently working on the following projects:

  • Taguig’s Mahogany Place III House & Lot
  • Paranaque’s Oak Harbor Residences Condominium
  • Taguig’s Bonifacio Heights Condominium
  • Brixton Place Condominium
  • Infina Towers Condominium QC.

6. Federal Land

Federal Land
The company is a member of GT Capital Holdings and a Metrobank Group partner.

It began as a real estate development company called Federal Homes Inc. in 1972. It has since become one of the best in the business.

Some of their specialties (mixed-use) are residences (condos, houses, and lots), malls, offices, hotels, and townships.

Condominiums, offices, and commercial spaces are also available for lease.

The property varies in price. Condominiums start at PHP 1.8 million and go up from there.

A house and a lot can cost between P2 and P6 million.

Some of Federal Land’s current projects are listed below:

  • General Trias, Florida Sun Estate Federal Land House & Lot.
  • San Juan’s One Wilson Square Federal Land Condominium
  • Four Seasons Riviera Federal Land Condominium in Manila.
  • Makati’s Skyland Plaza Tower Federal Land Condominium
  • The Capital Towers Federal Land Condominium QC

7. Robinsons Land Corporation

Robinson's Land
Robinsons Land Corporation is a company that specializes in land development.

JG Summit Holdings’ real estate investment arm is known as RLC.

They work on the creation and operation of hotels, shopping malls, office and residential complexes, and other mixed-use projects.

Their specialties are malls, residences (condos, houses, lots, and townhouses), hotels, and offices.

The property varies in price. Condominiums begin at PHP 1.8 million.

The price of a townhouse starts at PHP 1.5 million (provincial areas).

Some of Robinsons Land Corp’s active projects are listed below:

  • Bloomfields CDO House & Lot
  • Paco Manila Otis 888 Residences House & Lot
  • The Brighton Lot in Baliuag.
  • Condominium Escalades at 20th Avenue, QC
  • San Juan Chimes Condominium.
  • Mandaluyong’s One Gateway Place Condominium.

8. VistaLand and Lifescapes

Vista Land
VLL produces housing spaces and condominium units and develops residential subdivisions.

They own 88.34 percent of Starmalls Inc., which builds, rents, and maintains retail malls and commercial areas across the country.

Houses and lots, condominiums, and serviced flats are some of their specialties.

The property varies in price.

Provincial areas start at PHP 700,000 and go up from there (provincial areas).

Condominiums begin at Php 1.6 million.

Some of Vista Land and Lifescapes’ active projects are listed below:

  • Taguig’s Avant at The Fort Condominium.
  • Camella Condo Homes QC.
  • Makati Mosaic.
  • The Vista Plumeria Condominium in Manila.
  • QC Wil Tower Condominium

9. Filinvest Land

Real estate construction, management, and leasing are FLI’s main lines of operation.

They specialize in the development of residential estates (houses and lots), condominiums, farm estates, and more), and the leasing of retail and office space.

Residential houses and lots, condominiums, offices, and cityscapes are some of their specialties.

The property varies in price. It starts at 2.8 million dollars for a house and a lot (provincial areas).

Condominiums begin at PHP 2.8 million.

Some of Filinvest’s active initiatives are listed below:

  • Bulacan Alta Vida House & Lot.
  • The Amalfi in the City of Di Mare Condominium in Cebu
  • Cainta House & Lot in Eastville Filinvest.
  • San Juan’s Fortune Hill Condominium.
  • Maui Oasis Condominium in Manila.

10. Shang Properties

Shang Properties
Office and retail leasing, as well as residential space development, are the company’s leading businesses.

They own and run the Shangri-La Plaza shopping mall and have a 60% share in Shangri-La The Fort. Their attention has switched in recent years to high-rise condos in desirable locales.

Some of their specialties include condominiums, malls, hotels and resorts.

The property varies in price. Condominiums begin at PHP 2.9 million.

Some of Shang Properties’ current projects are listed below:

  • Mandaluyong’s One Shangrila Place Condominium.
  • Mandaluyong Shang Residences Wack Wack Condominium
  • The Rise Condominium in Makati.
  • The Shang Grand Tower Condominium.
  • Shang Salcedo Makati Condominium

11. Century Properties

Century Properties
The firm specializes in the development, marketing, and sale of single-family houses as well as mid-and high-rise condominiums. They also provide leasing and property management services for retail and office spaces.

Some of their specialties are condominiums, houses, and lots.

The property varies in price. Condominiums begin at PHP 2.2 million.

The price of a house and land starts at PHP 4 million (Batangas).

Some of Century Properties’ current projects are listed below:

  • Artscapes House & Lot in Batangas Batulao.
  • Mandaluyong’s Acqua Private Residences Condominium.
  • Makati’s Century Spire Condominium.
  • Taguig’s Essensa East Forbes.
  • Commonwealth by Century Condominium QC.

12. Empire East

Empire East
The company’s focus as a real estate developer, builder, and seller is on mid-to high-rise condo towers within large metros.

Their significant offerings outside of Metro Manila are single-detached homes, houses, and lots.

Some of their specialties are condominiums, houses, and lots.

The property varies in price. Condominiums begin at PHP 1.7 million.

Houses and lots start at PHP 3.9 million.

Some of Empire East’s active projects are listed below:

  • The Laguna Lot and The Sonoma House.
  • Terraces Condominium in San Juan, Little Baguio
  • Cambridge Village Condominium in Pasig.
  • Mandaluyong’s Paddington Place Condominium.
  • QC Manhattan Heights Condominium

13. Rockwell Properties

Rockwell Land
Residential and commercial space development, as well as hotel operations, are the company’s main activities. High-rise condos, retail and office space leasing, and hotel management are some of the main things they do.

Some of their specialties are condominiums, townhouses, as well as house and lots.

The property varies in price. Condominiums begin at PHP 1.7 million.

Houses and lots start at PHP 3.9 million.

Some of Empire East’s active projects are listed below:

  • Santolan Townhouse 205, Santolan Townhouse QC.
  • 32 Sanson Condominium in Cebu
  • Makati’s Proscenium Condominium
  • The Grove Condominium in Pasig.
  • Makati’s Joya Lofts & Towers Condominium.

14. Avida Land

avida land

Avida Land is one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines, known for its high-quality, affordable, and innovative residential projects. As a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc., Avida Land has a proven track record of success, having developed over 600 projects across the country.

One of the things that sets Avida Land apart from other real estate developers is its commitment to sustainability. Avida Land is a pioneer in green building in the Philippines, and its projects are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing residents with a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Another key advantage of Avida Land is its wide range of projects, which cater to a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a starter home, a family home, or an investment property, Avida Land has a project that’s right for you.

Active Properties:

  • Solara Park Storeys Novali
  • Parklane Settings Vermosa
  • Avida Towers Vita
  • The Montane
  • Avida Towers Sola
  • Avida Towers Altura
  • Avida Towers Centera
  • Avida Cityflex Towers BGC
  • Centralis Towers
  • Patio Madrigal
  • Capital House
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