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Outsourcing Benefits – Advantages To Outsource To The Philippines

Outsourcing is the latest business trend these days because of the many advantages they offer.

Entrusting the core processes of a company brings a lot of benefits it has now become a recommended practice in many businesses in the US, UK, Asia, and Australia to outsource some of their work and company functions to other destinations.

Benefits of Outsourcing

We’ll look into the major benefits of outsourcing in this post so you can further understand and take advantage of this business strategy:

1. Business cost

For companies and business owners, lowering the operation cost is one of the primary concerns if they intend to have some savings and increase their profits. Take, for instance, the case of a U.S. start-up that needs a developer for a website and software.

Hiring someone in Silicon Valley can cost as much $8,000 to $10,000 a month. Outsourcing the project to a developer from another country, for instance, the Philippines will just cost around $800 to $1,000 a month – which makes a lot of difference for a company just in its early stages.

2. Technology and Infrastructure

It will usually cost a lot (and I mean a lot of money!) if you invest in the infrastructure and technological department of a new business. If your new venture requires computer processing (which will most likely do), getting the fastest and latest hardware will already cost a substantial amount.

Not to mention the maintenance and technological issues that might arise. Outsourcing eliminates these high costs that you might spend on computers, servers, office facilities, and staff that you might bring to an in-house office facility.

3. Skilled Personnel

Outsourcing jobs give you a chance to tap on the best talents in other countries, without worrying about the search, recruitment, and training of people.

The primary benefit for this is simple – they can do the job just the same and they can complete the project with no difference – if you compared it to projects and works of employees working in the traditional office facilities can do that.

4. Continuity and Flexibility

The key challenge of a business is the continuity that it needs in the operations. It will be difficult for a new company to build facilities and hire personnel, hoping the business will continue to receive orders from customers all year round.

Outsourcing various business processes gives a company the ‘flexibility’ it needs in operations; such as when there are downtimes, like fluctuations in tasks or there were no orders, the outsourced jobs can be ended or stopped with little trouble.

Most times, companies can specify this in their contract with the off-shore agency to pause the operations if their business is slow.

5. Free Up Time 

It would be hard not to mention how Tim Ferris’s best-selling book “The Four Hour Work Week” provided the explosive definition of outsourcing.

In the book, he explained how he outsourced all the activities of his “drug business” like manufacturing, advertisement, delivery, web development, customer handling, marketing – and still be able to smoothly run the company (and reap profits) just by checking his e-mails for ‘four hours every week’.

Outsourcing free up time, energy, space, and money, which lets you focus more on the most important areas of your business.

Outsource Hiring To The Philippines


You can achieve free time for yourself in your business by outsourcing hiring to the Philippines. You can outsource to the Philippines, for Filipinos to do your work for you.

The best way to really succeed in your business is by having other people do the work that you’re doing in your business if you’re the one doing all the work.

There’s no point at all if you do admin jobs or repetitive tasks, it’s like you’re still in a regular job, not a business. Here we’ll show you how to find people who would not only do the work you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do, they’ll also do the work you’re currently doing in your business you know stuff like research data, customer support, making phone calls, etc.

This works as well for highly technical stuff like building websites, developing shopping carts, creating autoresponders, maintaining servers, programming, databases.

Other tasks you can also outsource include marketing jobs like SEO link building, article writing, video creation, social networking, social bookmarking, submission to directories, or Google Adwords research.

You can succeed in your business through outsourcing and you can do all this by getting other people to do your work for you.

Most western companies, outsource to India and the Philippines. They’re hiring freelancers and even hiring full-time workers. However, you already know the problems with India, you know they’re good people, but communication problems.

Most of the time outsource hiring in the Philippines is good, even for full-time. Why the Philippines?

Well first of all they’re English it’s amazing. English is a primary language in the Philippines, so communication isn’t an issue at all. They like watching US movies and series. They love singing English songs, which makes their accent close to Americans.

Second, Filipinos are honest and loyal. They’re very hard-working, intelligent. They think as Westerners do and they can read between the lines and try and solve problems in your business for

They’re not as aggressive in the entrepreneurial sense, so they don’t want to steal your business from you. But they’re eager learners. So you’re not really outsourcing to them in the traditional means, where you have to be careful about what you tell them. In the Philippines, they’re capable of learning everything about your business and doing it for you.

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