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Holiday Gift Ideas For Men – From P50 to P990

Are you looking for the best gifts for your husband or boyfriend that’s easy on the pocket? Or perhaps you’re looking for a holiday gift for your dad or father-in-law?

You’ve arrived at the right page! Whether the guy is a movie fan or a foodie, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts for men with different interests, from PHP 50 to PHP 950!

Monkey Eagle Craft Beers 4 Pack


This brewery has the man’s back when he just wants to unwind. From Belgian Wheat Ale to Original Brew, Monkey Eagle Brewery provides four distinct beers. Order it online in Lazada and have it delivered right to your door.

Price ranges: from PHP 550

Rise Beverage Cold Brew Series


Rise Beverage is the one for your man, whether he’s pulling an all-nighter at work or just wants to enjoy an excellent cold brew on a hot morning. They have four distinct cold brews to choose from, ranging from pure black to oat milk. You can try Lazada to order their cold brew.

Price ranges: from PHP 100 to 200.

Superhero Figure Keychains


Does he like Game of Thrones, Batman, Avengers, Squid Game? An excellent gift you can give that he would surely love is figure keychains. There are cute keychains that can even be collectibles.

Price range: from PHP 50 – 500

Polarized Fashion Sunglasses


Does he like to go out in the sun? Or maybe he just likes to look good? Sunglasses are the way to go! With their economic and contemporary variety of sunglasses for men, you may update their sunglasses collection.

Price ranges: from PHP 200 to 500.

Electric Therapy Body Recovery Massager


Is he suffering from work-related headaches? And perhaps he’s always whining about how much he needs a massage. Then get him a massager that he is entitled to! Get something that’s lightweight and easy to transport. Is it possible to get a massage both at home and at work? Well, yes!

Price range: from PHP 300 – 800

Sleeves for Laptop & Tablet


Laptop and tablet sleeves are the way to go for those who have a lot of meetings and can’t just leave them at home! Laptop and tablet sleeves are generally available in a variety of sizes and are also reasonably priced.

Price ranges: from PHP 700 to 950.

Healthy Chips


Get him a healthy bag of chips that screams midnight snack! It’s absolutely beneficial, so your father doesn’t have to feel bad about it. Every bag is gluten-free, vegan, and non-fried. They provide a variety of flavors, from kimchi to a purple yam, banana, and coconut combination. Start munching!

Price ranges: from PHP 100 to 400.

Men’s Baseball Cap 


A cap is always a good choice! Any department store or apparel store should have fashionable and reasonable baseball caps for men to wear. Baseball caps provide protection when he needs to go out in the sun for activities or is simply too lazy to manage his hair!

Price ranges from: PHP 100 to 500.

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