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10 Best Toys To Help Boost Your Kids Creativity

Now with most Filipinos are urged to stay at home due to Covid, parents must develop new ways to keep their children entertained and at the same time mentally sharp.

They had to develop new ways to keep their children occupied because they couldn’t go out. Getting kids toys that give enjoyment and creative outlets to enhance their talents at an early age is one approach to train them.

These children’s toys are designed to keep your child creative while you’re at home. You can get them online and have them delivered.

Transformers Action Figures

For fans of the movie Transformers, this action figure is a delightful item. These action figures can be used to pretend to be an automobile or a robot. Several action figures are available, and if you collect all five, you may combine them to form one massive robot.

Minecraft Toy Set

Your child will definitely enjoy a Minecraft toy building block village set. Sold in sets that you can collect, it can purchased in different packages and then combined to make a toy village.

Squid Game Building Blocks Set

This Squid Game block set will let you play out the hit Netflix show.

Magic Water Drawing Mat


This magical water drawing mat is ideal if you want to encourage your child’s creativity without making a giant mess. It draws with water (no ink necessary!) As a result, it’s simple to use for toddlers. It’s also lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport.

Miniature Cat Collection Figures

These collector cat miniatures will keep your child occupied while you’re at home. Playing with miniatures improves a child’s emotional intelligence and critical social skills when they grow older.

Roblox Toy Figures

This is an excellent gift for your youngster if they enjoy the Roblox. They’re also available in a variety of designs and sets!

Superhero Action Figures

Is your child a big superhero fan? Consider purchasing these superhero action figures for them. Your little one will surely love playing with Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and a slew of other superheroes!

Lego 1K Blocks Set


Looking for ways to take your child’s Lego creations to the next level? Get your youngster these 1,000 lego pcs and watch them bring their simple designs to life. Let their imagination run free, and this pick would be the best one as your child’s favorite.

Farm Animals Figures


These farm animal figures can help your child in learning about various farm animals at a young age. These farm animal toys are available in multiple sets, so you can pick one that you know your child will enjoy!

Jurassic World Toys

If you want to keep your toddler occupied while also providing mental stimulation, these Jurassic World toys are ideal gift. These dinosaur figures will be a great way to introduce your kids to prehistoric lessons.

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