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12 Lucky Fruits For a Prosperous Pinoy New Year

fruits for new years

Raise your fruits for luck and good fortune this New Year’s. The countdown to the New Year is officially on, kababayans, and you know what that means: it’s time to stock up on those oh-so-special round fruits! But beyond the festive frenzy, have you ever stopped to wonder WHY these juicy orbs hold such weight on New Year’s Eve?

Well, my friends, fear not! Grab your leche flan and settle in, because we’re about to dive into the sweet secrets of lucky round fruits.

First things first, why round? Think of those coins clinging to your lucky charm bracelet – round, right? They symbolize abundance, wealth, and prosperity – exactly what we craaaaaave for the coming year. And what better way to attract good fortune than by filling your table with nature’s own lucky charms?

Now, let’s crack open the fruit basket for a prosperous and abundant New Year!


Apples, symbols of peace and harmony. Start with the classic apples. A bite of that crisp sweetness promises a year filled with good vibes and a healthy dose of kilig.


Bananas for good luck. No Pinoy New Year spread is complete without the humble banana. These curved cuties represent progress and growth, urging you to climb even higher in the coming year.


Grapes of plenty. Pop a juicy grape (or a whole bunch!), because these tiny treasures signify abundant prosperity. Imagine pockets overflowing with blessings – that’s the grape-tastic future waiting for you!


Pineapples of prosperity. Don’t be shy with the pineapples. Their spiky crowns might be intimidating, but they hold the key to good fortune and success. Plus, that tangy sweetness is the perfect way to cleanse your palate for all the lechon to come.


Oranges for golden opportunities: Slice into an orange, and watch your eyes widen with delight – not just from the vibrant colour, but from the promise of wealth and golden opportunities. These sunshine spheres are like little sunbeams of prosperity, lighting your path to a bright new year.


Pomelo for elegance to your New Year. Its thick, pale green rind whispers of lush jungles, while its juicy, floral flesh bursts with a sweet-tart tang that promises prosperity and a year filled with happiness. Bite into a pomelo, and feel your taste buds sing with fortune’s favor.


Watermelon to wash away worry and welcome joy. Slice into a vibrant watermelon, and unleash a wave of summery sweetness. Its juicy crimson flesh, speckled with black seeds like confetti, symbolizes abundance and endless possibilities. Each bite is a refreshing reminder that good luck and happiness flow freely throughout the year, as abundant and unstoppable as a summer breeze.


Mangosteen for everlasting happiness: Peel back the purple rind of a mangosteen, and savor the sweet, creamy treasure within. This exquisite fruit symbolizes enduring happiness and good health, promising a year filled with joy and vitality.


Melons for sweet success. Slice into a juicy melon, and let its refreshing sweetness wash over you. Melons, whether watermelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe, represent sweetness, success, and good things to come. Savor each bite with anticipation for a fulfilling new year.


Lanzones for strong bonds. Pop a bunch of lanzones into your mouth, and enjoy the burst of tangy sweetness. These tiny clusters symbolize strong family ties and healthy relationships. Share them with loved ones as a sweet reminder of the bonds that unite you.


Santol for victory and strength. Bite into the tart, juicy flesh of a santol, and feel a surge of confidence. This unique fruit represents triumph and overcoming challenges, reminding you that you have the strength to achieve anything you set your mind to.


Pomegranates for fertility and abundance. Crack open a pomegranate, and marvel at the explosion of crimson seeds. These juicy gems symbolize fertility, abundance, and new beginnings. Scatter them across your table as a wish for prosperity and blessings in the year ahead.


Remember, kababayans, this is just a taste of the lucky fruit buffet! Feel free to explore, and have other fruits not on our list like papaya and mango. Add some chico for love and friendship, toss in some kiat kiat for good health, or surprise everyone with a sprinkle of guavas for good luck in career pursuits.

The most important thing is to celebrate with loved ones, fill your bellies with laughter and juicy goodness, and welcome the New Year with open arms (and open mouths!) So, let’s raise a toast (or a buko juice!) to a year overflowing with blessings, just like your Noche Buena fruit bowl.

With these bountiful basket of fruits is complete, may your New Year be as vibrant, sweet, and prosperous as the fruits you share with loved ones. Mabuhay and Happy New Year!

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