Voltes V Live Action Filipino Cast And Teaser Trailer

The cast of the much-anticipated Filipino live-action version of the iconic Japanese animation Voltes V has been revealed by GMA Network!

Who is in the Voltes V Philippines cast?

The cast and characters of Voltes V: Legacy are listed below.

Lead cast

  • Miguel Tanfelix portrays Steve Armstrong, the Voltes Team’s leader.
  • Radson Flores plays Mark Gordon
  • Raphael Landicho portrays “Little Jon” Armstrong
  • Matt Lozano is Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong
  • Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson

Support Cast

  • Martin del Rosario portrays Prince Zardoz, leader of the Boazanian invasion force that wants to conquer Earth.
  • Liezel Lopez is Zandra, the aide and lover of Zardoz.
  • Epi Quizon plays Zuhl, a scientist working under Zardoz.
  • Carlo Gonzales is Draco, a general working for Zardoz.
  • Gabby Eigenmann will be Commander Robinson, the Earth Defense Force chief.
  • Neil Ryan Sese portrays Dr. Hook, the scientist working for the Earth Defense Force.

Director Mark Reyes, recognized for his work on GMA Network’s Encantadia, Moments of Love, and several other variety shows. He announced the show’s return to fans and followers with a short teaser film he released on Instagram in December 2019.

“Finally,” “dream project,” and “here we go,” Mark wrote in the caption at the time.

The Filipino adaptation is “licensed by Japan’s own Toei Company, Ltd. through its Philippine-licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc.” at the time.

The new Voltes V Legacy teaser has also been released, reigniting fan interest.