Visa-Free Countries You Can Visit – For Filipino Travelers

Whereโ€™s your dream vacation? Do you want to travel to Japan, South Korea, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Rome, or France?

Well, that dream can most of the time out of reach for most Filipino travelers. The major problem with popular tourist destination countries has very difficult visa prerequisites.

Whether youโ€™re traveling for a holiday visit in Asia, in America, Europe โ€“ย  you need a visa before you can enter a certain country.

Trying to apply for a visa can be a challenge and expensive. You wonโ€™t be able to recover your expense in case your visa gets denied.

Regardless of whether the visa requirements of specific countries have turned out to be increasingly simple recently, a few travelers would prefer not to experience such problems and defer visiting their travel goals until theyโ€™ve gathered enough passport stamps.

The Filipino travelerโ€™s best course of action is to look for countries where they can travel, Visa-free!

Yes, Pinoys can visit different countries without applying for a Visa, according to the latest Henley Passport Index.

No need to be afraid of visa denial or risk spending Visa Fees for nothing.

Visa-Free Countries Filipino Tourists Can Visit

Even if countries permit visa-free access for Filipinos, however, there are still some requirements asked such as these conditions:

  • Passports with outstanding validity for a half year on entry date. Renew your passport if itโ€™s going to lapse or even if valid but has no more blank pages.
  • Has hotel reservation and flight ticket for return
  • Need to stay in the country for the max time allowed. However, if you intend to remain longer, you need to get the right visa such as a working or tourist visa.
  • Need to have no criminal record and does not overstay in the country of destination,

When you travel to visa-free countries, you simply need to check in with your passport at the immigration terminal.

The immigration official could request a duplicate of your hotel booking and even a return ticket.

Hereโ€™s a rundown of visa-free countries that Filipinos can visit and number of days that you can stay:

Asia Visa-free Countries

  • Cambodia โ€“ 21 days
  • Indonesia โ€“ 30 days
  • Laos โ€“ 30 days
  • Malaysia โ€“ 30 days
  • Myanmar โ€“ 14 days
  • Thailand โ€“ 30 days
  • Singapore โ€“ 30 days
  • Vietnam โ€“ 21 days
  • Brunei โ€“ 14 days
  • Hong Kong โ€“ 14 days
  • Israel โ€“ 90 days
  • Macau โ€“ 30 days
  • Mongolia โ€“ 21 days
  • Palestine Territory

South America Visa-free Countries

  • Brazil โ€“ 90 days
  • Costa Rica โ€“ 30 days
  • Peru โ€“ 183 days
  • Bolivia โ€“ 90 days
  • Colombia โ€“ 90 days
  • Ecuador โ€“ 90 days
  • Suriname โ€“ 90 days

Africa Visa-free Countries

  • Gambia โ€“ 90 days
  • Rwanda โ€“ 90 days
  • Senegal โ€“ 90 days
  • Morocco โ€“ 90 days
  • Ivory Coast/Cote dโ€™Ivoire โ€“ 90 days

Oceania Visa-free Countries

  • Micronesia โ€“ 30 days
  • Fiji โ€“ 120 days
  • Cook Islands โ€“ 31 days
  • Vanuatu โ€“ 30 days
  • Niue โ€“ 30 days

Caribbean Visa-free Countries

  • Dominica โ€“ 21 days
  • Haiti โ€“ 90 days
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines โ€“ 30 days

Countries with Visa on Arrival

There are also a few countries that issue a visa upon the guestโ€™s arrival. They call this โ€œvisa on arrivalโ€. This practically means you can get your visa from the destination countryโ€™s immigration terminal.

Not like countries that require a visa, the visa-on-arrival of some countries does not ask visitors for any pre-application process from their country. They can request some records like your passport, return ticket, hotel booking, and photos. Guests may likewise need to pay a fee for the visa.

Despite this, visa-on-arrival countries are the easiest and simplest way to visit.

Hereโ€™s the rundown of countries that issue a visa on arrival to Pinoy travelers:


  • Nepal โ€“ 90 days
  • Maldives โ€“ 30 days
  • Armenia โ€“ 120 days
  • Kyrgyzstan โ€“ 30 days
  • Timor-Leste โ€“ 30 days
  • Iran โ€“ 30 days
  • Tajikistan โ€“ 45 days
  • Sri Lanka โ€“ 30 days


  • Cape Verde Islands โ€“ Not specified
  • Uganda โ€“ Not specified
  • Mauritania โ€“ Not specified
  • Kenya โ€“ 90 days
  • Guinea-Bissau โ€“ 90 days
  • Madagascar โ€“ 30 days
  • Mozambique โ€“ 30 days
  • Somalia โ€“ 30 days
  • Benin โ€“ 30 days
  • Tanzania โ€“ 90 days
  • Comores Islands โ€“ 45 days
  • Djibouti โ€“ 31 days
  • Malawi โ€“ 90 days
  • Mauritius โ€“ 60 days
  • Seychelles โ€“ 90 days
  • Togo โ€“ 7 days

Americas and Caribbean

  • Nicaragua โ€“ 90 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago โ€“ Not specified
  • St. Lucia โ€“ 42 days


  • Samoa โ€“ 60 days
  • Palau Islands โ€“ 30 days
  • Tuvalu โ€“ 30 days
  • Marshall Islands โ€“ 90 days
  • Papua New Guinea โ€“ 60 days

Countries with Conditional Visa Exemption

There are also countries with conditional visa exception for Philippine passport holders.

There are also countries like Korea, China, and Jordan allow Pinoy passport holders to enter without a visa, in a particular region of their country.

Here are countries that you can visit with visa-free entry conditions:

  • Antigua and Barbuda Canada โ€“ Schengen/UK/US visa 30 days
  • Bulgaria โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • Croatia โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • El Salvador โ€“ Canada/Schengen/US visa โ€“ 90 days
  • Honduras โ€“ Canada/Schengen/US visa โ€“ 90 days
  • Romania โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • Serbia โ€“ Schengen/UK/US visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • Albania โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 15 days
  • Andorra โ€“ Schengen visa โ€“ 90 days
  • Guatemala โ€“ Canada/Schengen/US visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months
  • Mexico โ€“ Canada/Japan/Schengen/UK/US visa โ€“ Not specified days
  • Montenegro โ€“ Ireland/Schengen/UK/US visa โ€“ 30 days
  • Sรฃo Tomรฉ and Prรญncipe โ€“ Canada/Schengen/US visa โ€“ 15 days
  • Turkey โ€“ Schengen visa (must apply for Turkish e-Visa) โ€“ 30 daysCyprus โ€“ Schengen type C double-entry or multiple-entry visa โ€“ 90 days within 6 months

* Jordan Travelers visiting individually or joining a group through a Jordanian tour operator (Visa fee waived if spending at least two consecutive nights in Jordan) โ€“ 30 days

* China (visa-free access to Hainan province only)- Visitor joining a tour group organized by a Hainan-based travel agency โ€“ 30 days

* South Korea โ€“ Transit visitor with Australia/Canada/New Zealand/US visa. Direct flight and stay within Jeju Island only 30 days.


Keep in mind, the visa-free countries for Philippine passport holders can change from time to time. Some countries may suspend Filipino tourists without a visa. Some countries that used to require a visa may then allow visa-free entry later on.

You can check the Henley Passport Index to check if the country you want to visit still permits visa-free entry for Filipinos. Make a point to confirm with the countryโ€™s government office that you want to visit if the visa-free entry procedure is in effect.