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Union Bank Debit Card – Online And Mobile Banking

Union Bank of the Philippines launched a new business model, the eWallet account- to incorporate technological advances with the growing needs of consumers.

So far, the eWallet account offers flexibility, as it lets depositors engage in online shopping and yet enjoy the same features of traditional banking.

The eWallet account has expanded the banking options of depositors, for it gives them the power to access their accounts on any web portal around the world.

There’s currently a growing desire to have a safe electronic transaction to replace the hassles of cash, checks, or money orders- having the eWallet Debit card have since solved the increasing demands of Filipinos here in the country and around the world.

Union Bank eWallet Debit Card

The Union Bank of the Philippines is the first bank to offer the options of internet banking in the country. Its eWallet Debit account is backed by Visa Electron, which is the leading electronic debit product in the world.

The eWallet Debit card, a rechargeable and preloaded card, has the same functionality of a usual debit card, which can also be used for point of sale purchases where Visa is accepted. Moreover, it can also be used for cash withdrawals in ATMs in all Automated Teller Machine consortiums in the country.

However, the most important feature of Union Bank’s eWallet account is its full functionality for Online Banking. Since the eWallet Debit card is tied up with Visa Incorporated, customers get the advantages of shopping at an online store that’s based in another country. It can also be used to verify PayPal and to transfer funds from a PayPal account to a bank account.

Consumers can get the eWallet Debit card when they open an eWallet Account in person, at any branch of Union Bank. The online application has been disabled.

Advantages of Visa

The eWallet Debit card’s link with Visa provides more security and convenience through the pin-based or security-based verification. A major player behind the booming growth of the electronic payment system, Visa is also known for its global leadership, because of its widely accepted credit card and debit card infrastructure.

Union Bank’s eWallet Card is ideal for the current business climate for it gives the cardholders the convenience for both online, mobile, and physical transactions. Since Visa is a global brand, it also restores the confidence of investors in the financial service industry of the country.

Consumers benefit a lot from eWallet Visa Card since it eliminates any risk of carrying big amounts of cash. More than anything, it gives the cardholders the flexibility and choice of how to pay for their purchases. Furthermore, research has indicated that the use of electronic payment cards has been more cost-effective than paying by credit or even by cash.

Union Bank Online Banking

Union Bank’s eWallet Debit account comes with cutting-edge banking features that give account holders access to their bank statements online, at all hours even on holidays.

Bank customers can manage their finances, pay their bills, issue Online Checks, do electronic fund transfers to local banks, and make purchases in online stores in their Union Bank Online Banking account.

Accessing UnionBank accounts is easy and simpler, which is sync in both computer and mobile apps. It has a new dashboard that shows all accounts in one place – deposits, credit cards, loans, investments – along with other options such as fund transfer, bills payment, transaction history, among many others.

The big convenience and ease the eWallet account offers is that it has no maintaining balance.

Best Debit Card In Philippines

Visa Incorporated has recognized Union Bank’s eWallet Debit Card for its outstanding performance in the past few years. The bank’s Visa debit cards recorded the highest payment volume growth (45%) and the highest transaction volume growth (43%). Union Bank has 2.6 million debit card holders in the country and this can be attributed to its aggressive marketing campaigns.

Union Bank eWallet Card features

Here are Union Bank eWallet Debit Card’s features at a glance:

  • Union Bank Online Banking
  • Union Bank Mobile Banking
  • EMV Chip technology
  • Access ATMs around the world
  • Bancnet, Expressnet and Megalink ATM access
  • Visa Payment/Debit Card
  • Online shopping
  • Transfer funds
  • Bank transfer
  • Remittance
  • Bills payment
  • Buy load
  • PayPal fund transfer

Union Bank’s eWallet Online account and eWallet Debit card thus far, is highly recommended for its convenience, flexibility and advantages.

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