Squid Game – Why The Korean Netflix Series Is Worth To Watch

Squid Game has taken the world by storm – and it’s not surprising!

A thrilling story about hundreds of cash-strapped people who enter unusual children’s games in the hopes of winning a large cash prize.

Here are reasons why the series is (pun) making a killing for Netflix.

1. Squid Game Characters

The interesting characters and personalities has their own story to tell.

Each of them is in a different yet urgent situation that drives them to participate in the risky games.

These characters come from many areas of life, from gambling debt, investment failures, to the necessity to help and provide for their families.

Many go through an internal conflict as they realize that they must kill their opponents to win the game.

You’ll become more immersed in their particular tales, become invested, and possibly cry as you watch them on every challenge..

2. Deep Meanings In Plot

On the surface, Squid Game appears to have a straightforward plot.

On the other hand, the series is a brilliant metaphor aiming to portray contemporary society and capitalism’s never-ending competition.

The artistic objective of director Hwang Dong-hyuk is to demonstrate the irony of how capitalism’s good intentions to help people live well and flourish – can instead injure humanity and result in brutal competition.

You’ll get an up-close and personal look at human nature and how people react in situations where they can’t trust anyone.

There’s a lot of symbolism and deep significant meaning to be found in the series.

3. Korean Childhood Games

All of the games that the contestants must play to survive are Korean games that they played when they were children.

The stark contrast between the innocence and fun of youth and the terrible consequences of losing these games is striking.

Many of the games will be recognizable and quite similar to some Filipinos past time activities, but you will mostly learn about some of the famous Korean children’s games.

Compared to other survival genre shows, the relatability to simple yet fatal sport adds a tremendous and unexpected twist.

As you watch the participants compete, you’ll be able to remember similar favorite childhood plays as shown in the series.

4. Suspense Every Episode

Although it is impossible for all 456 participants to live and earn the reward, the anticipation of who will die next and how will they die creates an thrilling environment of excitement and dread.

While the participants are initially unaware of the life-or-death stakes, they soon learn about them after the first game.

The willingness with which these players participate in the games sets it apart from other survival genre films and series.

You’ll witness the darker side of human nature, and you’ll undoubtedly become absorbed in the story.

As you think what will happen to everyone, unexpected twists add to the heart-pounding entertainment.

5. Great Writer/Director and Impressive Series Cast

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, known for award-winning films such as Silenced, Miss Granny, and The Fortress, is the creator of Squid Game.

He definitely did a great job in his past works, and regardless of genre that he has done, his passion for Squid Game shows how it took him over ten years to plan.

The cast is led by outstanding and well-known actors Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo and the creator. Both are award-winning performers who can play a variety of roles.

One of the best director and some of the best actors come together in Squid Game. With Lee Jung-jae, who has multiple box office hits under his belt, and Park Hae-soo, who continues to impress with his acting chops. Model Ho Yeon Jung makes her acting debut.