Space Sweepers – Korean Sci-Fi Netflix Movie Looks As Good As US SciFi Films

It was difficult to fathom non-US sci-fi films being as good as Star Wars and Star Trek because you grew up enjoying these iconic movies.

But who would knew Space Sweepers wouldn’t fail in comparison after watching the Korean Sci-Fi film.

All cast provides outstanding performances.

Song Joong Ki is Tae Ho, the brilliant space pilot. Kim Tae-Ri is Captain Jang.

On the other hand, Jin Sun Kyu plays Tiger Park, while Yoo-Hai Jin plays Bubs, a military robot.

The crew of the starship “Victory” is a motley group of misfits.

This group of four bears any resemblance to our favorite characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tae Ho (Joong Ki) is comparable to Star-Lord in that both characters appear to be a little lost and self-centered.

The purity of their hearts, on the other hand, triumphs above all, which is why we will always adore them.

On the other side, Captain Jang (Tae Ri) reminds me a lot of Gamora.
Maybe it’s because they’re both badass heroines who always have a sense of justice about them.

Tiger Park (Sun Kyu) and Drax have a striking resemblance. They both appear frightening and menacing at first but turn out to be great softies.

Finally, Bubs (Hae Jin) resembles Rocket. During battle sequences, he gave a lot of comic relief, which was occasionally vital.

Aside from the characters’ similarities, the movie’s tone and vibe were similar, with Space Sweepers being light and feel-good sci-fi film.

Nothing too ominous or perplexing will elicit conspiracy theories about the movie.

Space Sweepers was directed by Jo Sung Hee, who performed an excellent job.
Its cinematography and special effects were flawless, resulting in a story that the entire family will appreciate.

Are you looking forward to seeing Space Sweepers?

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