NCAA Plans February 2022 Opening for Season 97

The NCAA plans to officially kick its Season 97 games in FEBRUARY 2022.

The oldest college institution looks to resume its athletic competitions, including basketball, volleyball, and other events.

The chairman of the NCAA Management Committee, Dax Castellano of hosts St. Benilde, is smiling with anticipation.

Medals were given in chess and taekwondo tournaments during NCAA Season 96 and special skills competitions in volleyball and basketball.

“The competition will resume in February; we agreed at the Management Committee level [to do face-to-face], but we still need Policy Board approval. We like to do it with basketball and volleyball, as well the online events. We’ll do face-to-face college volleyball and basketball,” he said at a press conference in Letran on Friday.

The approval of IATF for the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), among others, will be crucial in making that a reality.

The NCAA is investigating venues such as the Inspire Sports Academy in Calamba, Laguna, and those in Subic and Pampanga while keeping a careful eye on the situation in Metro Manila.

“If we can improve the situation in Manila,” Castellano added, “it could be excellent for us to do a competition bubble in our own schools and the venue. Just like bubble-to-bubble.”

The NCAA also stated that 85 percent of their student-athletes had been vaccinated across all sports, hoping that the CHED-mandated rules will be adopted shortly, allowing these athletes to resume their training.