Imago Releases New Song Sigurado

Imago has been making timeless music for Filipinos since the 1990s.

With every pluck and beat that is inherently easy to go with, they attract their audience time and time again, thanks to their exceptional musicianship.

They’ve developed loyal listeners with their rhythm and melody progressions. Their famous singles include “Akap,” “Sundo,” and “Taralets.” They have subsequently released songs like “Kapit,” “Trio,” and “Pag Ibig Na Walang Balik,” which have charted on the music charts.

Imago has been recognized for and received music awards from different award-giving institutions numerous times since its first single release.

They were nominated for the 6th Wish Music Awards as the Wischclusive Collaboration of the Year for the song “Partida” with ‘Bente Dos’ last year.

Kiara San Luis (vocals), Tim Cacho (guitar), Myrene “Maps” Academia (bass), Zach Lucero (guitar), and Mervin Panganiban (drums) make up the Filipino rock band Imago.

Have a listen to their song “Sigurado”