Always Hungry? You Can Have Filipino Food Phone Cases On Your Device

Do you enjoy eating? Who doesn’t, after all? With Filipino food phone cases displaying your favorite Pinoy food, you can show how much you like our dishes!

You can find realistic 3D mock-up of clearly recognizable Pinoy food products. Most of these adorable food-inspired phone cases have trended on the Internet.

You can definitely get some attention with a chicken nugget from your phone case.

A phone case with a cob of corn and a case with a small egg tar are also available.

Do you like noodles? There’s even a phone case that looks like that which can make anyone crave for ramen!

There’s a banana phone case that will definitely make your friends take a second look if its a phone or banana that you’re holding. It’s so lifelike that the peels are included! With a soft, spongy texture, you’ll fall in love with it.

However, if you’re a foodie who can’t get enough Filipino food, you might want to show off your passion with cute Pinoy food phone cases from The Rhicrafts, a local arts and crafts company.

Based in Quezon City, the business provides small decor and accessories inspired by anything Pinoy.

Still, their most popular items are Filipino phone cases, including Pinoy street food and our favorite local ulam.

Filipino street food is featured in the designs.

Isaw, fishball, and taho are some of the street dishes that the store is inspired by.

The Rhicrafts’ translucent phone cases have replicas of these delicacies carved and colored in a way that makes them look almost real.

Most Pinoys favorite Christmas snack, puto bumbong, is reinterpreted on one of their patterns. The small puto bumbong has all of the characteristics of the famous dessert and almost looks like the real one. Butter, grated coconut, and muscovado sugar-sweet flavorings are placed on top. They are molded with such meticulous attention to detail that they could well be mistaken for the real Pinoy kakanin.

If you think nilagang baboy can’t get any cooler, the ulam has been turned into a phone case, replete with pork slices, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and Baguio beans.

According to the store’s owner, Rhica Toledana Obien, she couldn’t locate the distinctive case she wanted for her phone, so she made one herself. “I always like to have various and interesting phone cases,” Obien said.

“Unfortunately, haven’t seen what I like online, so one time, I wondered why not try Filipino food, since for the most part there were no Pinoy food phone cases,” Obien said.

“I usually want to have interesting and original phone cases, but I couldn’t find anything I liked online,” she says. “So one day, I instantly thought of designing phone case designs depicting Filipino food because I hadn’t seen Pinoy food phone cases before.”

Each Pinoy food phone case costs P1,350 and can be customized upon your request.

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