Ebe Dancel Releases New Single “Tanging Kailangan”

Ebe Dancel, a Filipino singer-songwriter, released a brand new song that is sure to pull at your emotions.

“Tanging Kailangan,” which was released on digital music sites, talks about being in love and having a genuine commitment to the people you love deeply about. The composition is supported by a string section, bass, and drums, all of which add to Ebe’s powerful voice’s passion.

Ebe told Manila Bulletin that he wrote this song before Christmas last year. He was inspired by the lovely vows he heard in many weddings he’s attended and performed in.

“I just write as honestly as I can, always being careful with the words I combine.” “I’m sure the fans appreciate it,” he explained.

“Good lyrics are created by putting into words as closely as possible the idea you have in your thoughts. It may be a visual or a story, but the notion must be expressed in words and music in how I envision it in my head. It’s not just about rhyming — it’s about telling a fascinating story that draws the audience in,” he continued. “If it is done with sincerity, the lyrics will penetrate people’s hearts. Suppose you listen to ‘Tanging Kailangan’ intently enough. In that case, you might obtain a mental image of what the song is actually about.”

Rico Blanco was in charge of the single’s production. Listen to Tanging Kailangan below!