Body Koala’s Universal Nap Pillow – Take Power Naps With Comfort Anywhere

Naps are unquestionably relaxing. Those fast naps after a carbohydrate-rich meal that made you sleepy, or that somewhat power siesta after pulling an all-nighter at work or out with pals.

Unfortunately, due to our hectic schedules, we cannot nap in the comfort of home whenever we feel drowsy.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered the most excellent sleep aid to let you feel at ease during your power rests, even if you aren’t at home.


The Universal Nap Pillow by Body Koala is the answer to all of our napping woes. You may nap pleasantly anytime, anywhere, with this pillow.

It has an 82 percent cotton outer sleeve that is completely breathable.

You may sleep soundly knowing that you won’t wake up with a sweaty neck, even on the hottest afternoons.

You can also pick from stylish colors like pink, space gray or cobalt blue.

The foam, on the other hand, is made to conform to your natural shape. So you can say goodbye to painfully painful stiff necks after napping while seated with this ergonomic memory foam. It is, of course, extremely portable.

Fold the pillow and store it in the complimentary travel pouch that comes with your Body Koala Universal Nap Pillow order.

Another advantage is that it is relatively simple to maintain. As long as the cover is not dry cleaned, it can be washed by hand or machine.

Just make sure the water doesn’t get hotter than 50°C! Also, when drying it, keep it out of direct sunshine. But don’t wash the memory foam! All you need to do now is wipe it down and store it somewhere dry and airy.


There’s really no other way to go wrong with this pillow when it comes to napping. Get rid of your grogginess no matter what time it is or where you are.

It’s ideal for various situations, including long commutes, exhausting hell weeks, beach trips, and airplane journeys.

On-the-go relaxing has never been easier than with Body Koala’s Universal Nap Pillow.

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