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Home » BDO Investment Review – Guide to BDO Easy Investment Plan and UITF

BDO Investment Review – Guide to BDO Easy Investment Plan and UITF

BDO Investment Review – Guide to BDO Easy Investment Plan and UITF

If you’re considering making investments in BDO’s Easy Investment Plan (EIP) UITF, but don’t know where to start, here’s a guide to help you get started.

Learn more about its requirements, features, and benefits. You’ll learn about investing and tracking BDO’s EIP UITF.

UITFs are just like mutual funds and it has similar characteristics. You can open a BDO UITF, by making an initial investment and then easily set up funds to be deposited each month by using BDO’s EIP.

BDO’s Easy Investment Plan is actually a good option for beginners in UITF who want top regularly set aside some funds for investment.

What is BDO UITF?

UITFs are investments of open-ended pooled funds, in this case, managed by BDO. These funds are funded in various securities and financial products such as bonds and equities. They’re often considered as medium and as a long-term investment.

The three common UITFs are equity, bond, and balanced. They invest equity funds in equities investments for capital gains, but have higher risks. Bond funds are invested in high-yield bonds, which is suitable for risk-tolerant investors. Meanwhile, balanced funds are for those who like to invest in medium risks such as a portfolio mix of fixed-income securities and equities.

Why Choose BDO Easy Investment Plan

  • Savings and Investment combined
  • Asset diversification
  • Convenient monthly investment
  • Earnings uses Cost Averaging Method
  • Majority invested in stocks
  • Equity Fund has outstanding performance
  • Ideal for long-term investment goals
  • Portfolio includes major holding companies like San Miguel Corp, PLDT, Ayala Corp., SM Investments, Alliance Global, Megaworld, Ayala Land, SM Prime

BDO UITFs available

  • Equity Index Fund
  • Peso Bond Fund
  • Peso Money Market Fund

Opening BDO UITF Equity Fund Requirements

When you go to BDO, they will check your requirements and explain your chosen investment, and possibilities on profits and loss. They’ll conduct a background check of your financial standing, then ask you to submit photocopies of two valid IDs. They might also ask you to submit recent photos.

You’ll be asked to fill up forms for their Client Suitability Assessment. There also have an Investment Account Opening Kit, which BDO will provide to you and you need to fill this out and sign. They also require your TIN.

How To Invest in BDO UITF (Non-BDO Account Holder)

To begin investing in BDO UITF, you need not have a BDO bank account. However, if you redeem your UITF, you need to have a bank account where they would deposit your money. If ever you want to avail of the BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP), you would need a bank account. So, it’s better to just open a BDO bank account for a fast transfer of funds.

You can open UITF in any BDO branch. Ask the customer service department that you want to open a UITF account. The bank will then introduce you to their trust representative and ask you to fill up some forms.

Be sure you are prepared to know about UITF and deposits before going to the bank so that when you go to the bank you know what UITF you’ll invest.

Once you are done with the forms, deposit your minimum investment and you’re done. Congratulations you now have a UITF investment!

How to Invest in BDO UITF (BDO Account Holder)

If you have an account in BDO, you can easily open one online. You can save time and waiting in long lines in the bank and just invest online instead.

1.  Go online and log in to your online banking account for BDO

2. Once you’ve logged in into your BDO online banking account, Click My trust account – Invest online.

3. Click Transaction – Regular UITF Subscription. After this step, there’s a BDO representative that will call you within 2 banking days before you proceed.

4. After a BDO representative called to confirm, return, and log-in to your online banking account and then repeat steps 2 to 3. After you click Regular UITF subscription, a window pops up for the agreement. Read through it and proceed.S

5. They will ask questions to know your risk profile in a questionnaire. These are a series of questions to know the recommended UITF for you.

6. Answering the questionnaire as honestly, so you know the recommended UITF for you. Take note that the system will show you the UITF according to your risk profile. You can get results of conservative profiles up to high risk. It will only show your risk profile and not the others.

7. Click submit, after that, the list of UITFs shows. Click the UITF you want to invest in and then proceed

8. It will then show the Client Investment Suitability Statement. In a pop-up window, read through it and press agree.

9. Repeat reading and then agree on the succeeding two statements like Risk Disclosure statement and Omnibus Trust Agreement

10. After you agree, you can now start investing in UITF. Just type the amount and select the bank account that you’ll get your money. Submit. It could take up to 24 hours before your investment will appear on your online account. Congratulations you’re done investing.

BDO Easy Investment Plan Review

BDO UITF EIP is great for new investments. It’s incredibly simple because you can keep track of your investments through the BDO Online Banking Platform. You’ll be able to see your earnings each month. You can set aside as little as 1,000 per month and wait for the next few months to boost your regular monthly deposit.

Using BDO’s Investment Program is handy because whatever UITF you choose, you’ll be confident to generate profit over time as long as you invest regularly and take advantage of the proven market cost averaging method.

With BDO’s EIP method, you can choose how and when your money can be invested. You can set it up how often you like to invest and choose on any day of the month.

And since this takes advantage of an Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA), you choose how much fund you would like to be debited from your bank savings account and added to your UITF account.


BDO UITF more or less is a great bank to start an investment. Just remember, there are different UITF for you to be diversified. There are bonds, government bonds, feeder funds, money markets, etc. They also have customer support that is supportive and helpful.

For more information you can visit them at their official page at BDO. If you have any questions on various BDO products, you can give them a quick question on Facebook  or give them a call at

Metro Manila: (+632)631-8000

Domestic Toll-Free Nos:  1800-10-631-8000

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